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Chrysler Car Owners can save on their next car purchase

Get paid from Chrysler Financial towards a new car, truck or Jeep. The Chrysler Rewards Visa is a must for those that plan on buying a Chrysler car or those that are existing car owners of Chrysler products. Points can be redeemed toward merchandise, Mopar Parts and Authentic Chrysler Accessories (by Mopar), or the purchase/lease of a new, used, or Five Star Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

Chrysler has started a new promotion where you get $2.99 gas for three years and just pay a little extra to get the higher octane fuels. The disadvantage of this fixed gas program is that it only comes with a new car purchase and you must not get diesel fuel if you buy an unleaded car or visa versa or you will be charged extra $2 transaction fees. $2.99 gas sounds like a good deal though when most pump prices are headed to $4 a gallon for summertime family vacations.



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