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Horizon Gold Card

The Horizon Gold Card offers guaranteed approval with no credit checks. It is not a Visa or Mastercard and cannot be used at most retail outlets. You can fill out the Gold Card application at The Horizon card can only be used to purchase merchandise at They do report to major credit reporting bureaus; however, this card is not intended as a way to rebuild credit.

In order to apply for this line of credit, you will need a debit or credit card in your name. This information is not used to check your credit, but rather as a fee withdrawal tool. Associated fees are not clearly revealed during the initial application process; however, they are quite substantial. Processing fees are required when you apply for the card and with each purchase.  A $15.00 to $20.00 monthly maintenance fee is also drawn from your associated debit or credit card each month.

The Horizon Outlet Store website is not accessible to those who do not have this card. Consumer complaints suggest that the merchandise is both overpriced and poor quality.  Any company that makes their site only accessible in this limited way may be conducting business questionably.

There are few benefits associated with the Horizon Gold Card and several significant drawbacks. The card fees are high, and the line of credit can only be used at their store. If you make payments regularly, your payment history will be reported to credit bureaus; however, the associated costs are higher than many secured or high interest credit cards intended for those with poor credit. Reports of poor customer service and difficulty canceling accounts and eliminating fees abound.

If you are considering a Horizon card in order to rebuild your credit, you may wish to opt for a low limit card from a standard lender, a secured credit card, or a small, secured bank loan. These options can all allow you to work to improve your credit without incurring the extremely high monthly fees and application costs of this card. Also, these options offer you the chance to use credit reasonably and responsibly for items you actually need every day, making your payments in a timely manner.