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Visa Buxx for Teens

Visa has had a big response from their prepaid credit card for teens called VisaBuxx. The Visa prepaid card for teens is a "powerful tool to encourage responsibility". You may load the card online or on your cell or landline phone and even monitor the card's usage which is great for parents.

Teens can use the Visa Buxx card to run errands for parents, earn allowances, or school lunches. you can also have controlled spending at sporting events, movies, and shopping without giving away the big money Visa card.

This is a great prepaid card for teens to teach financial responsibility to younger teenagers because it shows them an in-between stage of cash and real unsecured credit cards. They will be sent out several Visa cards when they enroll in college and it is better to learn to use these before they have too much control in their hands.

You can find the Visa Buxx Card online at or go directly to the teens prepaid card page on the Visa USA website.

There are two different cards depending on the ages of your children vs. teens. The kids that are 12 (pre-teens) and under can be rewarded for work and earn allowances which is a great replacement for cash which can be stolen or lost. You may even track chores online provided with their website. The older version of the card is named the PayJr Visa Buxx Card for ages 13 & up. At this age they are not quite old enough to vote or drive but they can get the privledge of learning financial responsibility. This is a reloadable prepaid card for teenagers that can be tracked easily for things such as movies and online shopping.

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