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Marathon Gas Station Card makes your tank happier!

Marathon® Platinum MasterCard from Chase- is a gas rebate rewards card used for Marathon Gas Stations. Fuel up with free Marathon gas. With the NEW Marathon® Platinum MasterCard® from Chase you earn rebates automatically credited toward future Marathon purchases. You get a 5% rebate on purchases at all Marathon stations, conveniently located throughout the Midwest and Southeast (some gas station locations listed below), and a 1% rebate everywhere else MasterCard is accepted. So get the card that helps you get on your way.

Is there a Marathon Oil and Gas Station near you? Marathon Oil and Gas stations are located in Aurora, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan, Pittsburgh, PA, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Canton, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ashland, KY, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and more city and town locations not listed. If there is not a Marathon Gas & Oil station near you then choose our alternative gas credit card. You may also try our Speedway SuperAmerica cards.

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