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Total Visa

If you have less-than-perfect credit, it may be difficult for you to obtain a credit card. This is especially true if you have had problems with credit cards in the past, resulting in delinquent accounts or charge-offs. You may have seen ads for cards that will rebuild your credit, but can only be used for merchandise offered by the credit card company: these are known as catalog cards. Although these cards can be useful, they can't be used to purchase everyday items such as gas or groceries. However, Total Visa offers a card for those with bad credit that can be used for general purposes.

Many people keep a credit card on hand for emergencies such as unexpected bills or accidents. However, a catalog card won't help you pay for, say, car repairs. The Total Visa card is like a traditional card in that it can be used most places that Visa is accepted. It reports to major Credit Bureaus each month, and if you pay your bills on time, you credit limit can increase. Credit Limit Increases on the Total Visa may be granted, upon your request, after your account has performed positively for six months.

The Total Visa credit card is an unsecured credit card but has additional fees when compared to prime unsecured credit cards.  There is a $8 monthly participation fee to have the convenience of carrying this credit card.  There is also a $56 Account Set-Up Fee, $96 Program Fee, and $48 Annual Fee.  When you receive your credit card, you will have $50 available credit.  Since your initial credit limit is $250, you must pay off the upfront fees billed to your credit card before you can use your card for purchases over $50

Total Visa offers an Annual Percentage Rate of 19.92 percent for both purchases and cash advances. There are also your typical fees that may apply, including transaction, late payment, or over-limit penalties.

Do you get the Complete Package with Total Visa?
With 24-hour access by phone or online, the Total Visa card is a convenient and useful credit resource. Although, our web site users have not sent in many positive statements regarding the Total Visa. We suggest you try our selection of secured or bad credit cards instead.

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